coiled pex

How does one go about straightening out pex that is in a coil? It seems to me almost impossible. I have a heat blanket that I use on conduit but I’m not sure I can use it.

Here is a tool (cut and paste the link into your browser):

I’m sure there are some “home made” ideas out there too.

I suspect by his/her reference to a heat blanket, he/she is looking to “straighten” the coiled PEX, not “uncoil” it.

Sorry, I cannot help with the question, as I have never worked with PEX.

The aluminum layer in the PEX allows it to hold its shape, much like a pipe cleaner. Standard PEX comes in a coil, and to straighten it and to get it where you want it. It will be easier to remove it and lay it out where you want it and have it stay put.

PEX used for water supply does not have aluminum. It is only the special PEX-AL-PEX that contains the aluminum and it is not for potable water.

Even when cold, PEX is easily straightened but if you have a large roll, you need to have something like the “uncoiler” to keep it from looking like a pile of spaghetti.

Where does it say he’s using it for potable water supply?

If he is using PEX-AL-PEX for a specialty installation like heating or cooling, I don’t think a trained installer wouldn’t be asking this question. Not at 1/3 again as expensive as regular PEX.

I installed PEX at my house. Definitely a 2 man job and not an easy one for a non-plumber like me. One has to hold the roll of PEX and the other has to pull the open end. I found it was best to take the open end where you want it, and straighten it has you are working your way back out by securing it with clips to the sub-floor.