PEX tubing

I have to inspect a house in where the Pex tubing is in a uninsulated crawl space on the water in NY. It is for a single zone hot water that was just replaced after SANDY? They plan on making the bungalow there full time residence. Is there a freezing point of pex? Do they make insulation for pex? heat trace ? anti freeze? Any recommendations.
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While pec can handle freezing without bursting and return to its original form, it is advisable to remove all possibilities. Check with the manufacturer as some foam insulation a can cause a reaction over time and degrade its integrity.
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I insulate when I install on new construction and the insulation is purchased with the PEX at my local supplier.

If the system has a re-circulator then there is no need to insulate.

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A lot of info but very helpful in education you on PEX

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