Cold pour joints on new build - concern?

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I recently purchased a new home from a local builder and noticed a large cold pour joint that runs from the bottom of the side foundation wall up to the top of the front wall near the garage entrance.

The builder is claiming that this is not a concern and it is simply a line. I live in an area of cold climate in Canada and am concerned about long terms issues with moisture / frost. In your opinion is the cold pour joint in the pictures acceptable or should I push back with the builder and bring an inspector or structural engineer?!AvXQOM8QtqEXmnskrKr25UZa7bQ3


Yusuf, please see and read these links to help you understand:

A cold pour joint , where successive pours or placements of concrete abut during building construction, are normal but on occasion are leak points that may need sealing or repair.

From: Cold pour joints in concrete foundations & floors

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Thanks Larry.

I’ll request that they seal / repair the area to prevent leaking. I was concerned that my particular case was more severe than normal as some of the other cases I’ve seen while researching online are not as bad / noticeable and still leak.

I’d get a guarantee, in writing, from them that it will not leak. :smile:

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umm, are they going to’waterproof’ the walls or only damproof or nothing? Waterproofing the walls is what is best for the walls and for you

i see about what, maybe 1’ of gravel backfilled so far… any plans to backfill with most–all gravel? That would be best for… YOU.

any reinforcement rods IN walls?

Looks like the outside wall of the garage area. I suspect the inside area will be backfilled before the garage floor is poured. If that is the case there should not be any problem.