Cold Room Finishing

Hello, I have a question about cold room construction. When I moved into my home I had moldy osb sheathing in my cold room. I now have the cold room striped down to the block foundation; however, I can’t find a solid response on how to finish it properly.

The room is about 5x7 and it is a foundation jog supporting my front steps. The entry door to the cold room (in the basement) is only a hollow core so I will replace it with an insulated metal door. Could someone explain to me how to properly ventilate and finish the walls? Also, what should I do about the space (over cold room door, floor joists, rim joist) between the cold room and the home?

You might find this article helpful:(paste the link into your browser)

I would clean the block with mold killing product such as sporiclean

If you want to line the walls I would use a solid product such as used in milk houses. It’s called called milk board in my area and us a solid plastic sheet with a dimpled finish.