Collecting on canceled inspections

just trying to clean up for next year I’ve got in my body of my contract $100 cancellation fee in case someone cancels within 24 hours I have a couple of questions one, does anybody use this number two is how do you collect thank you in advance I really appreciate it

Many other threads on this topic as well.

Thanks very much

You could try charging it up-front as a deposit.

Thanks so much I’ve been using it as kind of a leverage tool it seems to be working

We threaten it in the contract but rarely collect or try. Most times the cancelation is not the fault of the buyer and they are likely to need an inspection in the near future. I don’t want to leave them with a sour taste in their mouth and go elsewhere. Agents won’t back you up either. Build it into your prices and move on. Out of +/- 1000 inspections in a year it happens a few times.


Right, like they know it but I don’t enforce it, they do appreciate it