Column damage

Looking for input from anyone who may have seen this before or have some insight. Looks as if the top of these two support columns have had water damage from the inside out. The center column is not damaged. Two outside columns have gutters butting them and would appear that the gutter experience high traffic splash from the valley and water splashes over and creeps onto the top side of the column. Do you think the whole column would need to be removed or just the box at the top?







Looks like some kick out flashing is needed

That would be a good idea. Here is a picture from the top of the gutter at the column




It will be difficult to say from looking at pictures what all will need to be replaced. Report what you see and refer it out to the proper qualified professional for repairs as needed. Until, some additional investigation is done on the damaged areas, you won’t know the answer to your question. Best regards.

I did recommend further evaluation by Contractor was just naturally curious

I understand. With this much rot, it wouldn’t surprise me that the columns are rotted, too. :shock:

Wayne, If you had attended Mark Cramer’s Stucco Inspection Class at COA ORL 2 wks ago you would not have had to post on this.:roll:

Tip: Go to Tractor Supply and buy a small pitch fork to carry for use in your photos on inspections!:wink:

Vertical mulch, Pete?:slight_smile:

Wish I could have went but was really busy. Maybe if I had I would get the inside joke about a pitch fork.

Kidding aside, Wayne, those look like masonry columns, so they should be fine.

The hidden damage is in the stucco covered wood framed boxes above the columns. By the time the water starts leaking out the bottoms like that, the damage has been done inside the boxes.

“Stick a fork in it” and the picture is self-explanatory.

Gotcha, yeah the boxes are ruined but you think they can just repair the boxes ?

They are masonry columns

It can be repaired, albeit costly. Stucco removed, all damaged wood (likely OSB) removed. Kickout flashing added by the gutters. Then replace it all. Definitely a few thousand to fix that.

Ok, thanks for that. Was thinking that was the case just wanted a second opinion. It’s a foreclosure and the new owner is budgeting for a few repairs.

Wow! They must be heavy! Don’t see many up here like that. I thought they were:

No, Larry, it is a cmu load bearing masonry wall house.

Very typ here.

Oh, thanks…I appreciate the education. :slight_smile:

It’s one of those home where they spared no expense on some things and went cheap on other things. I would not give you a bucket of pizz for it but hey one mans garbage is another mans treasure.

Just a quick look. Are they galvanized corner bead? What year was the home built?


2000 model