Column support in crawl spaces

Ok, what is the rule for non disturbed soil around the columns and piers in crawl spaces. See attached pictures. Obviously this needs attention from a foundation expert, but just trying to figure out the basic rule.


32808 230.jpg

32808 231.jpg

32808 228.jpg

This response from Kenton Shepard on a similar thread.

“The supporting soil is called the “Cone of Compression” and radiates out at a 45 degree angle from the bottom edges of the foundation. If they interrupt the cone of compression they have compromised the ability of the soil to carry the weight of the structure above and the area compromised will need to be stabilized. The cure should be spec’d by a structural engineer.”

Ditto! Structural Engineer all over this one.

Looks like someone was digging after the foundation was finished.

Reminds me of the 'Big Dig" in Boston.

The “Cone Of Compression” can be violated, but **ONLY **with specific engineering which has taken the soil characteristics into account. From the looks of things, I doubt that such engineering has taken place. The main thing saving a collapse is that the soil appears to have a high clay content, which is one of the cases when the “Cone” can be violated, but again, only with engineering and maybe soil testing.

The “Angle of Repose” (cone of compression) beneath the brickwork appears to have been compromised.This can lead to a foundation/chimney failure.
Strongly urged to have structural/geotech survey performed.