Structural support in crawlspace

I could use some advice, I inspected a home yesterday and the main support for the home appeared to be modified, due to the fact the concrete footing base were still in the crawlspace but slid to the side. The columns that support the main beams rest on some sort of foundation tie backs with turnbuckle, it looks professional the house has no apparent settling. No history of any building permits, I’m just not familiar with this and want to make sure I’m not missing anything, I don’t feel right about recommending evaluation by structural engineer just because I haven’t seen this before. Any thoughts.

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Yes, recommend a structural engineer.


Thank you, better safe than sorry.

Is this a modular home? Is it a seismic zone?

No, stick built and not seismic area

That type of configuration has been used in the past to create uplift at the center post. I have seen that on sagging trusses and beams where adding a support column was impractical. But in your photo adding shims to a support would be easy.


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Randy, are there turnbuckles on those tension rods that get tightened to provide lift at the center?
Nice photo, is that yours?

Turn buckles are there to tighten the steel rods. No that is not my picture.

Very helpful comments and follow up Randy, Thank you. I did end up recommending further evaluation by structural engineer. I felt reluctance because the product did look professionally done and you could have shot pool on the floor of that home. Literally perfect. I did some digging before the post and could find nothing whatsoever about this type of repair, Very cool that you jumped in I greatly appreciate the help.