Coming soon: New LED-style microwave oven leak detectors.

They sure look interesting.

Those could be good handouts. Useful to the community as well.


We are working on being able to economically customize them so that each member can have his own, with his/her own logo/contact info on them.

Remember, it is the member’s businesses NACHI promotes, not NACHI. That is the end goal in everything we do.

These will make nice promotional items as they are so inspection-related.


The also should be able to see if a persons cell phone is working and maybe if a hidden radio transmitter is in the house.

These might be real “Keepers” Are they large enough to perhaps hold a business card or is that the wrong way to go?

Hope this one comes to life. I like it


How can I get some of these for door prizes at the Atlanta Chapter meetings?

Just got mine today and I have to say for such a simple item they are pretty cool.

Thanks for the reminder.
I received mine last week and and forgot to thanks NACHI publicly. Thanks Nick and NACHI

And how do we get one or more??


Thank you Machel


I find that my clients are very impressed when I use these to test the microwave overs.

I have started having their kids start the microwave and asking them to ‘watch for the pretty lights’. The parents get freaked, but the kids love it.

Tests the microwave, appears to be very ‘high tech’, keeps the kids happy and involved and impresses their parents.

Win-Win- win.

Public relations and useful and entertaining.

It is a winner.

G-D, I love NACHI!!:wink:

I loved the NACHI bean bag microwave testers but apparently one of my clients loved it more as they swiped it and denied knowing what happened to it.

Used it several times last winter as a hand warmer after coming in from the cold.

So I got my cute little NACHI microwave tester last week when I bought a new supply of NOW books and wouldn’t you know it, my microwave lit like a Christmas tree when I put it inside and hit the on button.

And it’s a new microwave :shock::shock::shock:

You do know it’s supposed to “leak” on the inside! :mrgreen:

it is supposed too… :roll:

that tells you it is working…:shock:

yea, whatever.

I like the flashy light thingy’s

Thanks Nachi.

Microwave testing has now met it’s match… or stopper.

Old schoolies like me used to turn drain stoppers upside down with water in them.

Water boils…

It is supposed to light in presence of microwaves.