An inexpensive LED microwave oven tester you can give away to promote your business.

Here’s another :shock:



I got mine back in June and have already found a bad micro.

does that make the NACHI bean bag obsolite?!
Gerry, you are out of control!

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everyones a critic :mrgreen:



That’s how Gerry got that cat skin cap on his head…:slight_smile:

John, he has him on wax paper but forgot to shut the door. :):mrgreen: Poor Kitty, I feel bad for that little thing.

Bean bags are NOT obsolete.

They are for winter use. Test the microwave after doing the outside. Then warm your hands

Nick, I have sent an email a couple of times and have never received one of the LED testers. I did receive the bean bag. A would like to try out the LED one as well, are they still available?

Lucky cat:p

I use these things during the inspection, especially if the buyer had a young child. They always are interested in my tools (even the girls).

I give them the tester, and hold them up to put it into the microwave and set the timer for 5 seconds.

Then it glows and everyone is impressed and the kid is happy and I have just formed a bond with the buyers (and, usually, their Realtor).

Many times, home inspection is as much about entertainment and putting on a good show.

Hope this helps;

Wade, yes they are still available. Order your free one here:

I ordered my free Led microwave tester on 4/9/09 and have not received it yet.

Order it again… you might get two. With everything at InterNACHI, we don’t ship according to when things are ordered, but rather assembly line (pack and ship) all of one product until all the orders for that particular product are filled, clean up, assembly line another product until all those are filled, and so on.

Yes, it means that members have to wait a bit, but it is much, much more efficient.

Also, we get dozens of orders a month that lack a shipping address. Those orders are discarded.

Please order again.

I have a stupid question. I just recieved one, and is it supposed to light up if the microwave is leaking, or not light up? I put mine in and it lit up like a christmas tree.

If you put it in the microwave it will light up if the microwave is working. You’ll see it flicker at the cold spots…

If you run it around the outside of the door while it is running, then it should not light up, and if it does there is a serious leak in the micro…

Hi Nick,

I ordered mine this morning and have not received it yet. Just thought you should know. :smiley:

thanks for letting the secret out…now the neighbors will know why their cats are disappearing every time I have an inspection…thanks

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