Coming soon: SOP for inspecting fireplaces and chimneys.

Will include suggested reporting language. Should be released this weekend.

NACHI’s current SOP disclaims chimneys and fireplaces. Are you unilaterally implementing a change to that?

No it is just a suggested reporting language

All inspectors will see standards of practice changing, adding more detailed verbage, all to get you to pay for classes to learn about home systems. See for examples. HVAC, infrared, ducting, electrical, now chimneys. See Dan’s thread under state legislature about Kansas home inspection classes. This industry is changing rapidly, all to get you to pay for courses that are way beyond the standards of practice. That is why the SOP’s are changing. Another marketing way for agencies to make money. And, it is not fair to us home inspectors who are all hanging financially by a thread. I have an interview with a large company tomorrow. I have to make money. I cannot pay for fees, classes, tools, and technology to keep up. Good luck to the rest of you.

Not according to Nick, Frank.

It is an SOP that “will include” suggested report language.

“Standard” procedures published by a home inspection association are exactly that. Standard.

My question to Nick is whether or not NACHI now requires in an SOP the inspection and reporting on fireplaces and chimneys.

James, perhaps Nick wants to market chimney video/scope equipment.

In 2005 FABI considered changing their SOP to include appliances & swimming pools, they were immediately told by one E&O provider (Allen) that move would void any policies in effect so it never happened. It appears the E&O provider did not want to be on the hook for the expanded SOP, kinda makes sense too. NACHI should check with their E&O providers and see what they think of the move to expand the SOP.

Besides ain’t there already some very good standards in effect?
The National Fire Protection Association ( advises that each chimney receive a Level II inspection each time a residence is sold. Inspection levels are explained at It is also advised that this inspection be conducted by a chimney sweep certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (

The above is inserted into my reports with all fireplaces and is all I really need or want.

Fair question. As of right now just check hearth extensions and the damper, but after Saturday you will have to identify the type of fireplace and chimney which is something you most likely already do anyway.

What role did the ESOP Committee play in this revision to NACHI’s SOP?

I have 2 state licensed TN and MS, yes it took me 5 years but I do now get all the free CE I needthrough NACHI. Thanks Nick

If you want to compete with other inspectors then you will have to keep up with technology and so will that new company you will be working for (and the other one when this one does not work out) because you could not keep up with your competitors.:wink:

Who said it was revised?

I don’t know. I guess I was left out if they did.

Nick is announcing a SOP for chimneys and fireplaces this weekend. This is a revision to the SOP that does not include chimneys and fireplaces…unless NACHI will now have multiple “standards”.

Assumption is a powerful end to all.

No one has announced a revision to the NACHI SOP.

What has been announced is an SOP for chimney inspections.

So…an inspector who substantially complies with “the NACHI SOP” will comply with which of the two SOPs referencing chimneys and fireplaces? I’ll bet that there are some E&O carriers who will want to know, as well.

This is why we have an ESOP Committee…to review such proposals and address these issues before they are announced. Nick should not be announcing any kind of SOP that has not been coordinated with the ESOP Committee.

James, you are putting the cart before the horse.

Some patience is in order.

No I am not.

Announcing an SOP that was not put before the ESOP Committee, first, is putting “the cart before the horse”.

NACHI now has two conflicting published “standards” on chimney inspections and the public is left to guess which will be applied in a standard inspection.

You should be aggressively addressing…not defending…the usurping of your committee, Mike.

Did the comsop go before the ESOP?

COMSOP is a separate money making enterprise for Nick that is not a part of NACHI. Accordingly, it did not.

It has separate rules and procedures. For example, inspectors who do not use Nick’s commercial SOP will not receive any job assignments. Nick has the right to do this, unilaterally, for it is Nick’s separate enterprise. Not NACHI’s.