InterNACHI releases Phase I S.O.P. for Inspecting Fireplaces and Chimneys.

17.4 Goal of the inspection
The goal of the inspection is to provide observations which may lead to the decrease of hazardous conditions associated with fireplaces and chimneys.

I personally do not like this. SOP should not be a place to include your goals.

We should just keep it to what we are required to do and we are not required to do. IMO

Why did we get away from this format?

I. The inspector shall inspect:
A. The basement.
B. The foundation
C. The crawlspace.

And? go to this format.

17.8.2 Fireplaces:
[INDENT] The inspector should inspect for combustible lintels above fireplace openings. The inspector should inspect for combustible material within 6 inches above fireplace openings, that projects out 1.5 inches or less from the face of the fireplace.

Can we not maintain the same format from Residential to Commercial?


Frank, let me explain. The goal isn’t the goal of the inspector, but rather goal of the inspection. The reason it is there, in all honesty, is so that we can point to it should someone make the claim that the goal of the inspection is to provide observations which eliminate hazardous conditions associated with fireplaces and chimneys… or claim that the goal is to certify the chimney as safe… or whatever.

The goal of the inspection is to provide observations which may lead to the decrease of hazardous conditions associated with fireplaces and chimneys.

Those who are foolish enough to use Nick’s arbitrary SOP after watching a 40 minute infomercial…and declaring themselves confident to conduct inspections on devices that are the source of tens of thousands of fires per year (and presently pays the experts a mere $50 to $75 per) — deserve the headaches.

Remember, Frank…this is not for home inspectors. It’s for that brand new NACHI member who has yet to do a home inspection and needs some work. Home inspectors know better than to engage in such foolishness as this.

Since NACHI is no longer a home inspection association, as Nick has explained, I suppose we are in store for more of this craziness. Next…a SOP for using your handy “meth test without using a lab” kit to sell people on the idea that you are inspecting a meth house for safety.

17.2 Purpose
The purpose of this document is to establish international standards for the inspection of fireplaces and chimneys. This document also provides universal fireplace and chimney inspection reporting language.

I know elswhere it talks about “exceeding” other SOPs, but this statement seems pretty definitive that this (rather than the other SOP) is the standard. Not an advanced standard, not a different standard, THE standard.

Also, overall, it seems more like a procedural document than other SOPs.

Your “standard” is more “procedural” and is written to be more of a “standard operating procedure”…not a standard of practice. It lacks the requirements in both regards and should be scrapped.

Like it or not Jim, more SOPs coming. Next one on inspecting commercial kitchens. And a Phase II for Fireplaces and Chimneys in the works too.

Why was my post deleted?

Phase 1 — Level 1…I think that this is going to create a whole lot of confusion in the future with the terminology. It’s bad enough that commercial real estate agents don’t know the difference between the two already. I can see down the road when clients call for a commercial inspection and they say they need a Phase 1 inspection, we are going to have to ask “Do you mean a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment or a Phase 1 Chimney and Fireplace Inspection?” And they are going to respond “I don’t know, my real estate agent and lender just told me I needed one.”

I know that the NFPA referrs to chimney inspections broken down into 3 Levels. I am assuming you changed the name as not to infringe on any portion of the NFPA wording or descriptions to CYA. I just think that a different name or keeping it named as a Level inspection will create a lot less confussion in the future if this standard actually becomes widely accepted in commercial inspections.

It is not an NFPA Level I inspection and the NFPA doesn’t have an SOP for inspecting fireplaces and chimneys, although NFPA 211 defines proper installation. We are the definitive inspection association in the world. We are the organization that had to do it.

LOL…“we” = 2 to 3 guys in Colorado.

You are believing your own press releases, Nick. That is not healthy.

Jim, I refer you to for an indication of InterNACHI’s depth.

“Depth” is not an issue, Nick. I know that there is no limit to how low you will go…:wink:

As to the hyperbole published for recruiting purposes, spare me…or show me a receipt where you personally paid Joe Farsetta for a single ADRS enrollment at half price, or for the 100 HG Cds you “bought” and gave away.


It is true that when it comes to vendors, I trade advertising fees (that we are entitled too) for deep discounts for members.

I’ve done this and admitted to doing this for years.

Vendors all try to give InterNACHI its “cut.” We turn it down and ask that instead… that they give InterNACHI’s “cut” directly to individual members in terms of an exclusive InterNACHI discount.

It is how InterNACHI members enjoy these crazy deals. InterNACHI is the one funding them (albeit indirectly).

Sometimes we actually do buy the products/services ourselves and give them out. You mentioned 2 particular vendors. In the past we have purchased 100 ADRS memberships at full price ($9,000), HG software at full price, and recently took advantage of our own deal and bought 2,000 of them with our own money.

All of course are given away to members for free.

Hey…that was almost a good spin. Almost.

You claim to be purchasing things out of your own pocket and giving them away when, by your admission, no money changes hands.

Take these out of your “What’s New”, since they are misleading and false, and then we will talk about Yellow Page advertising and Billboard Advertising.

Some we trade our advertsing fees for, so that members can get them for free.
Some we buy outright and give them to members for free.

Jim, you mentioned the free HG software.

Tell the 100 members who got the 100 copies of the $1,000 HomeGauge software for free that it was somehow “false” or “misleading.”

They will laugh in your face Jim.

Scroll baby scroll!

How does the free Yellow Page ads, paid for by you, work?