Comments Please!!

I was totally surprised to see this panel mounted horizontally.

Is it against code to do this. The biggest pain is turning sideways to read everthing & the door is hinged at the top so it won’t stay open.


How many breakers are in the on position when down? Not a good plan.

It is not a code violation to install the panel like that in the US, but it is a violation to install breakers in that one column when the panel is oriented that way. The column of breakers that have the handle down when they’re in the “ON” position are in violation. It looks like maybe the main is even in violation.

That panel definitely needs an Electrician’s attention.

Is there an issue with the door not allowing “access” to the breakers since it won’t stay open?

No, but realistically, that’s a royal pain in the ***. Feel free to add that in your report, but there’s no prohibition against it. My comment above is really the only prohibition against it. Your comment about the door is more of a nuisance issue. The code only requires that the door open 90 degrees. It doesn’t say in what direction. “UP” is a stupid direction, but legal.

Brand new house. Top row of breakers were definetly “on” in the down position.
Maybe we have no such rule in Canada.