Commercial Building Onsite Training will soon be available

Anyone interested in an onsite commercial inspection course, please add your name and contact information in this thread or email us at so we can email you what the course will entail when we have all the bells and whistles figured out to a “T” in the next few weeks ahead.

We haven’t figured out how many days the course will be yet, we believe the course will take about 4-5 days to complete actual onsite training to gain all the knowledge and understanding necessary to jumpstart a successful commercial property (PCA) inspection company.

If you’re a Internachi member you will receive a discount for the course. We plan on having the first course in Boulder or Denver, a major hub accessible by all major airlines easily.

Are intentions are to make this the best learning experience one could ever find now or in the future. There will be the best instructors and other specialists-professionals in many very important trades available at the course.

I will post more information about commercial course content in the following weeks ahead, hopefully this onsite commercial training course will come to fruition in the next couple months if everything comes together as planned.

Nick Gromicko, Dale Duffy, Bill Warner, and many others will be there to help everyone in every aspect possible. Many licensed contractors I hire personally for inspections will also be there so you will understand how to organize-implement and proceed with commercial inspections.

Additionally, how to document-place sub-contractor findings-information in the PCR, and hundreds of other items to get you started on the right track to make some really serious money in the future.

This will be a great event, never before put together like we plan. We intend to make this a wow factor you’ll never forget.

Please post below if interested, also, please just post whether you’re interested, we will get into the particulars in the near future, then I will start another thread to give more details, we just need to know how many people are interested at the moment so we know what size building(s) to have available for the actual inspections. In Colorado for starters.

I am interested.

I am very interested

This is going to be an AWESOME training event unlike any other seen or currently available!!!

The shroud of intimidation at the prospect of commercial property condition assessments will finally be removed!

Count me in.

You have triggered my interest.

As of now I am in

put me down

I’m interested Dale. Hoping you guys eventually make it down south a bit though.



Me as well but cost will be a HUGE factor as since my accident I am in major debt. I decided to do a little research while in physical therapy today since you invited me to give you a call. In States with licensing for HOME inspectiors can they do them under their home license?

I’m in and looking forward to it!

Me Too

I’m in and lucky too! I live outside of Denver!

Commercial building inspections are not regulated in Florida…

I was planning on making a trip to Phoenix this summer. Now I guess it will be Denver,

Good at least we can sell it on our experience instead of what a piece of paper says. LETS MAKE DAMN SURE WE KEEP IT THIS WAY :slight_smile:

Dale when will we know what the price is, how many days the course is, what it covers and when and where it will be?

Thanks in advance.

I would like to see a syllabus to know what I might expect to learn.

Thanks for offering something outside of the box that might benefit many of us.

Greg since it is not regulated I assume there is not be a State SOP or COE

Yeah if so we can decide on our own what we will offer and what education we need etc…? Sounds like a business I may enjoy :slight_smile:

What is the Nachi COE? Same as in Home Inspections I assume?

Hi Mike,

I’m not doing any inspections tomorrow, I’ll call you. Sorry about this afternoon, I was finishing a small building when you called with the buyers trailing me like Hound-Dogs.

I’ll get you on the right track. I believe you can make some good money subbing out the work, we’ll get into that tomorrow.



Mike we’ll talk about some particulars regarding the course tomorrow.

Bill Warner has the curriculum close to completion, when its completed I will post the information.

We’re not simply jumping into this without every base covered, we have been working on this for many months already, but have a long way to go yet. I believe we should be ready by mid summer, there is a LOT involved.

I don’t want a single person leaving the course not being able to immediately start a successful business, or we didn’t accomplish what we’re planning.



I’m in.

I’m interested