Onsite Commercial Building Inspection Training Boulder Colorado July 29-August 2

“National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors and Thermographers” is proud to announce.

Onsite Commercial Building Inspection Training at Boulder Colorado July 29-August 2

The July onsite Commercial Building Inspection Training Course will be at the Marriott Hotel Boulder Colorado in the Caribou Room 7/29/2013 - 8/2/2013

Seating will be limited, if you intend to be at this one of a kind event you should register now. Regular class tuition is $4495. InterNACHI and NACBI members will be receiving discounted registration fees.

**The course is an intense five day training event actually inspecting commercial property.
You will learn everything from needing your own commercial inspection website to writing reports, including every aspect of the business necessary to set you apart from Home Inspections to double or triple your income.

Bill Warner our Director of Education at NACBI will be posting more information on the training curriculum. The course information is also on the registration page below.

Link to register http://www.nacbi.com/commercial-inspection-training

**About the course:

The National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers™** (NACBI) presents its first 5 day intensive training course to become a Certified Commercial Building Inspector!

This course will grow your current inspection business and revenue potential to the next level! Course modules will be taught by some of the most successful and experienced commercial inspectors, specialty commercial contractors, professional engineers, marketing experts, business leaders, and legal minds in the industry!
An extensive variety of education topics will be provided including technical topics, business issues, the scope of work, fee quoting, proposal and report writing, industry accepted standards, proper use and contracting of specialty consultants, cost estimating, risk management, business marketing, and much more! Course content will provide the resources and knowledge necessary for performing small, medium and large commercial inspections and Property Condition Assessments (PCAs), while removing the fears and intimidation which are often associated with commercial inspections.
Adding commercial inspection services to your existing inspection business will become a lucrative progression of your current business, earning more income and respect than competitors inspecting residential alone! Commercial inspectors generate five to ten times (and more) the average revenue that residential inspectors earn in a comparable amount of time per job!
The personal and professional benefits acquired through this course offering will be substantial. We invite you to join us in expanding your knowledge, services, AND profits in taking your inspection business to the next level.

At the end of this course, you will:

  • **Learn **the skills, tips, and marketing techniques you need to get your commercial inspection business up and running
  • Be able to successfully organize a team of specialty consults when necessary
  • Understand the technical aspects of commercial property condition assessments and inspections
  • Create job winning proposals and superior reports guaranteed to earn clients for life
  • And finally remove the shroud of uncertainty and intimidation commonly associated with commercial inspections!


****Recommended Background:****

No prerequisites are necessary; however, we do recommend solid knowledge and background in residential inspections or general construction, and an eagerness to earn larger incomes per inspection!

Required Materials:

All required course materials will be provided to attendees.


Day 1:
· **The Commercial Inspection Business: ** o Filling the need for commercial inspectors
o Lifting the veil of intimidation
o Overview of a commercial property condition assessment
o Assessment types
o Levels of Due Diligence
o Industry Standards
o Recommended core guidelines for conducting a PCA
o General scopes of work
o Gathering the right information
o The survey process
o Anatomy of a commercial property condition report
· **Conducting the PCA: ** o Interviews
o Exteriors and grounds
o Structures
Day 2:
· **Conducting the PCA continued: ** o **Roof Systems **
o **Electrical Systems **
o **Plumbing Systems **
o **HVAC Systems **
Day 3:
· **Conducting the PCA continued ** o Interiors
o Life safety and Fire Protection systems
o Specialty inspection considerations[INDENT] · **Report writing **
· **Cost estimating **
· Quoting fees
· **Proposals and contracts **
· **Specialty consultants and subcontractors **
· **Property types and unique considerations **
[/INDENT] **Day 4: **
· **Risk management **
· **Communications and closing the sale **
· **Tapping the skills and knowledge you already have **
· **Adding specialty services **
· **Business development **
· **Marketing: ** o Growing beyond the residential market
o **Do’s and Don’ts of the Commercial Inspection Business **
o Tips from the experts
o Open questions
· Begin on-site commercial building inspection

Day 5:
· On-site commercial building inspection o **Follow Dale Duffy (an experienced and highly respected commercial building inspector) as he guides students through an actual property condition assessment of a commercial building. **

Bonus Materials:

Learn how to earn even MORE money by providing services discussed in the bonus evening sessions! Experienced inspectors routinely earn 2-3 times class tuition fees in ONE JOB providing services learned in these sessions alone!

Evening 1:
· **Introduction to commercial building Thermography ** o Discussion of various commercial thermography applications
o Discussion of education and training requirements and recommendations
o Discussion of recommended equipment and specs
o Discussion of liabilities
Evening 2:
· **In depth introduction to Commercial Electrical Thermography **

Evening 3:
· **In depth introduction to Commercial Building Envelope, Moisture, and Block Wall scans **

Evening 4:
· **In depth introduction to Commercial Low Sloped Roof Thermography **

All Evenings:
· Ask the experts sessions- o **Informal open questions with the days speakers and experienced inspectors **

**All attendees receive 1 year FREE membership OR membership renewal to the National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers ($600 value). **
Membership in NACBI includes the following:

· Free Professional Proposal Templates proven to win jobs over the competition
· Free marketing advice
· Free Business advice
· Free inspection consultations, support, and assistance
· Free internet marketing as a premier and qualified commercial building inspector
· Free report reviews from experienced inspectors
· Free search engine optimized member profiles
· Free job lead referrals through our exclusive lead producing website and Google Ad campaigns
· Free networking with experienced and senior members
· **Access to regional or national experienced members able to provide mutual sub-contracted assistance on large inspection projects **
· Free continuing education resources
· Exclusive Vendor discounts for equipment, software, and training
· Insurance rate discounts
· **And so much more!

Continental breakfast, Lunch, and Break refreshments provided.

***This course will prove to be a VERY profitable investment for attendees! Course fees can easily be recouped within your first commercial inspections! We will show you how!


I just signed up! :cool:

All I have to do is figure out how I’m going to get there! :mrgreen:

I’m looking forward to the classes. Thanks for putting this together.

Looking forward to it!

Are you going to the Boulder class Troy? If so then I am looking forward to meeting you there.

Yes, see you there.

I’ve arranged for us to inspect several commercial buildings in Boulder. This is going to be fun… and profitable for those going into commercial inspections.

See y’all there!

Unfortunately I was not able to attend this fabulous course. I am curious how it turned out. Is there any video of the on-site inspections?

We’re, or will there be, any video courses developed from this particular Training Course that took place in Boulder CO?


I think this is the perfect word. It was cancelled. We can only hope it will be offered again. Maybe next time there will be more interested.

I suspect it had nothing to do with who was “interested”.

I understand, I just thought it would be a nice way to put it

Yeah, but “screw that”!

There were literally dozens of “inspectors” on this MB alone that jumped in and claimed their “interest” and “intent” of “being there”…

Dale and Bill, and others spend a boatload of time developing the program, based upon the interest shown for it…

What happened?

Think about it!

What was shown on this board as interest was high, reality was only 5 or 6 people signed up for the class, and with that the price for the spaces needed to hold a weeks class could not be met. The over all expense was way out of line. Most HI’s either can’t afford it or just don’t want to spend that much. The instructors have to survive too. While they are teaching, they’re missing work inspecting.

"I understand, I just thought it would be a nice way to put it. :wink:

I may have said to much

:-;; :-;; :-;;

The course conflicted with certain other partners priorities and we failed to get the support needed/promised.

A new course offering is currently aimed for early next year with a slightly different approach. We are keeping this one under our hat and will release information when the time is appropriate.

This course will still blow anything currently slated or offered out of the water with information and education provided.
Regardless of what others may say… commercial inspections cannot be adequately taught (or even remotely scratch the surface) in one 5 hour pep talk seminar. :wink:

Thank you Bill
I’ll be there

Now see… that’s what started it all last time! :twisted: