Commercial Inspection Rates June 2020?

I’ve seen some old thread discussing rates for commercial inspections but cannot find anything recent. How much are commercial inspections going for in the current market?

More than in the previous market. My rates increase every year.

And before you ask, it’s all based on ‘Total Hours’ +++.

It varies with your scope of work. It could be $.14/ sq. ft. to much more, Todd.

As Larry said, it depends on the scope. If it is a simple warehouse, small office building, I charge from $0.15/sq foot and up, depending on the scope. Light/medium manufacturing, usually $0.50/sq ft and up. Before I submit a quote, I ask to see the building.
Yes, a few times, not often, after I see the building and submit my quote the client will pass on my price, but you can get burned if you quote without getting inside the building, especially Industrial buildings. As JJ said, you still have to base it on your estimate of hours.
Good Luck

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