New to Commercial pricing

After getting InterNACHI commercial certified, got a call for a 10 unit Apartment building. Never having priced commercial, I based my price strictly on the time I thought it would take me. (about a day for the inspect, and approx a day for the report) The guy asked for a range, I told him 800 - 1000 bucks, he hesitated, and asked to call me back. After about a half an hour, he called back and said it was a go. Do you think I was too high, to low, or right on?

Apparently right on and here’s why. You estimated the time to do the job based on the scope of work agreed upon with the Buyer, you set a rate you needed to be fair & profitable, you gave a bid and you got the job. At least that appears to be what you did. Now time & experience will tell if you estimated those accurately for your business and location. In my market & again based on my typical scope of work for such jobs I would probably have quoted around $1,250 to $1,400. There’s several factors that could affect that number however.

Assuming those were 1000 sq ft units, you were about 40% of what I would have charged… Food for thought.

Some were smaller, some were slightly larger. Thank you for the imput. How would you have done it Mark? by the unit?

some do sq footage plus 100 per unit
some do 200 for one bedroom, 225 two bedroom 250 three and so on
others figure i can run around and get it done in a day, 3- 8 hours for the report times what ever they want per hour.
it varies on inspector, market, how fast and thorough you are, how quick you can report, how much info the client wants, how specific he wants info

I am getting qualified to do commercial inspections and I was thinking of basing my charges using a rate of $100.00 per hour. For a 2-day job that would be $1600, below what Mark Nahrgang would have charged. But foe really large buildings I think that a square foot price would be the way to go.

I am completed as of this afternoon, it took me 2.5 days, and I learned not to be shy with the price. I learned allot on this one, and the customer got a good deal.

Great!Thanks for the tips:D