Commercial mold air sampling

I am very familiar with air sampling protocol for residential, does someone know the protocol for commercial? We are looking at 100,000 square-foot commercial building.

Gonna need a lot more information than that to even determine your course of action.
When it comes to Commercial/Industrial… first question is “What is the current use of the property”??
Some property uses (such as Schools and Office buildings, etc.) are highly regulated, and may require the services of a Certified Industrial Hygienist

Currently a hobby lobby that someone is interested in purchasing. One for every thousand square feet or part thereof, and one on the exterior seems extremely excessive for the size building. I have been looking and I have not been able to find the number of samples that should be taken.

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Next question would be the circumstances behind the request for Mold sampling.
Why specifically do they want sampling, and are there specific areas of concern within the building?
Is the business currently active and in operation?

Same to you.

I have no way to know the specific trigger for the request. They are buying the building and want mold testing. I have been asked to bid it and I have no idea how many samples I need to bid. Yes, the business is in operation, it will have to be done after hours. BTW, as you can see, this is obviously not under the purview of OSHA.

Don’t assume it isn’t.
It is an operational business with employees and general public occupants.
OSHA absolutely has an interest in the well being of the employees and other occupants!
I refuse to bid any job (of ANY Scope) that doesn’t provide or answer my inquiries regarding what they are requesting.
A large portion of Commercial inspections is an Interview and Document Review process. I cannot provide a professional and complete service without valid information. I just won’t waste my time with it, as it ALWAYS comes back to bite you in the arse afterwards!

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Thank you for your time on Easter Sunday, you are apparently going to engage me in non-answers and concerns instead of answering the question that was asked. I will get my answer from another source at this time. Usually this forum has been very good to me not so much today.

Very first sentence in my first reply…

Interesting, as your profile activity/history begs to differ!

I see no others have replied to you, so… good luck getting factual answers without you providing factual information.


The IAC2 protocol covers most everything. The number of samples are based on the square footage. One sample for eery 1000 square feet. Jeffery’s questions are also part of he protocol.