Commercial Parking Space Requirements

Commercial Parking Space Requirements.
I’m looking for the parking space requirements.
I’m doing a large warehouse/factory and I can’t seem to find where I put that info.
Does anyone have that info?
i.e. Number of spaces, dimensions…ect…

It depends on where it is. What city and State?

building use & occupancy classification would have be determined
not one size fits all & property size, location, muni congestion & zoning can also be a factor

just did an 8k office bldg earlier this month with only 3 spaces for the 4 businesses currently operating within
they have to lease space from a shopping center across the street for all the staff & patrons

early arrival staff warned me beforehand
owner arrived w/attitude “you’re parked in my space”

it was just another day in paradise & a nice space for the duration ;~))

Total number of parking spaces is determined by use.

Number of handicap parking spaces is determined by this chart:

I thought that the owner designated the parking spaces the only reason I asked was he wanted me to do a parking space survey . Which kind of threw me for a loop . I’m familiar with the accessibility parking spaces and routing. But its been a while since I’ve done one. However I really appreciate your input.

There was a big lawsuit in PA. at one time about a company who cheaped out on parking spaces, squeezing more in by making them smaller than whatever was the legal requirement at the time.


Often depends upon the municipal specific zoning bylaw.

That is most likely true maybe at the grocery store or drugstore. But this is a private warehouse in florida. I do understand about accessibility and the flow and adequate facilities for the handicap. Ramps and such.

I don’t think that it matters if the building is used by general public or not. Most municipalities dictact the total number of parking spots required including handicap parking, which varies by the building classification. There are also many factors involved in the equation for spot size; number of spots, angle of spots, etc. but I think a general size for straight parking is 8’ x 20’. Municipalities also require that certain lighting levels are meet across the lot.