First Commercial Inspection

I have not done any commercial inspections before. Got a call for a 4 unit building over 2 small commercial spaces. 4400 square foot building built in 1950. Separate electrical metering with a central heating gas boiler I am confident in being able to inspect but what would others with more experience typically charge for this.
Thanks for your input.

Are you doing the complete building including the Retail spaces, or food services spaces, or office spaces, or just the 4 units above? Or? And? Need as many details as you can provide… which is a “hint” as you should be asking those questions and more before you can attempt a bid.

the whole building is being inspected. First floor has two retail/office spaces and the 4 units above are residential.


$375 Main Building
$600 for 4 apartments
$200 for comm. space based @1,000sf


$850 if you really need the work. :wink:

Very similar to Marcel in my area (rural-small town)…
$1,150.00 would be my Bid, depending on location.

If the potential client shopped around first… he would have received bid’s down to $550.00 from the local “doing it for beer money” or the “I’m retired and bored” crowd!

Unfortunately, they outnumber serious inspectors like myself 10-1.

Probably 600 for the main building 4 units at 250 a piece 500 for the commercial building

2100 would be the bid, breakpoint around 18 or 19

What Tim said…

Good to know guys. Thanks for the feedback, seeing how the thought process/breakdown went for some of you was most helpful.