Common venting between a water heater and furnace

I don’t this correct.

The water heater is being vent into a common metal chimney lower than a furnace flue.

I know the lower btu appliances goes on top. I just think someone came along and hook-in incorrectly

Any thoughts


From here looks like water heater flue is plumbed in wrong, rise is wrong, possibly wrong diameter as well. How many floors? Was the water heater backdrafting?

From here it looks wrong. I would also have checked the pitch on the water heater vent pipe.



Didn’t even think out the pitch angle.

It just looks like someone took off the end of the metal chimney flue off and stuck in the water heater flue.

Will call it out both.

It does go up 2 stories. Built in 1974, and both appliances area gas fired.