is this really wrong

Nothing wrong here just keep going with your inspection, keep going:p

nothing wrong there.

apparently heat sinks in PA.

beer thirty water heater install weekend :roll:

This is what happens when the last inspector tells them the water heater needed to be raised 18" off of the floor. . .

ROTFLMAO. :smiley:

I suspect the old water was the shorter version and they didn’t take that into account when purchasing the replacement.

On top of that, it appears the furnace is sharing the flue and vented higher than the ‘smaller’ water heater.

Adam, A Plus

Nothing wrong if you want to be get very sleepy and possibly wake up dead.:frowning:

If you are very small and you look directly up when underneath the vent connector everything should look okay … :slight_smile: :shock: :slight_smile:

P.S. I’m surprised they didn’t make an allowance for the downward pitch by punching a cleanout/drain hole at the low point … :shock: :slight_smile: :shock:

Aside from this obvious problem for a natural draft installation,

I wonder if there would would be any concerns with this setup if it where a forced draft water heater. I have a couple of concerns but I will wait for others to comment first.

Jeff take it away. :wink:

The P trap is not properly installed.:wink:


Good call Lou !!!

“wake up dead.:sad:”

Just how do you do that

You are all Nit-Picky and alarmist. No more work for you from that Realtor.

"Floor under water heater too high. Recommend lowering floor".

Good call Jae.