Complete- new home inspection


I have read several threads on the topic and most of them are several years old. I have been asked by a friend to perform an inspection on the new home they are closing on next month. From an SOP perspective I believe it is basically the same, obviously without wear and tear and looking for proper installation and missing components.

I did read one comment about being proficient on code, is that still the case? And, a different agreement right?

I inspect a new home the same as I do a pre-owned home except cosmetic defects are included.

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As Colorado does not have a home inspector licensing law, I would stick to signing a home inspection contract with them and perform the inspection in accordance with the Inter-NACHI SOP. Be sure to charge them at least $1.00 (even though you may want to do it for free) to help validate the contract.

The biggest offender is usually the damned painters.
I hate all the drips all over & in tile grout.
Although the one I did last month they had to tear the block wall out to install new CO vents.
They were covered with stucco/paint.

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Thanks all.

Shine your flashlight at an angle to to the walls, preferably in low room light. Will show all the areas of poor drywall finishing, especially corner beads and areas between door trim and a wall, say at the front door.

Appreciate the tip!