Florida Ethics

Is it state regulation or just Nachi that you can not perform work on a property you inspect until 11 months after inspection?

The InterNACHI member shall not perform or offer to perform, for an additional fee, any repairs or associated services to the structure for which the member or member’s company has prepared a home inspection report for a period of 12 months. This provision shall not include services to components and/or systems that are not included in the InterNACHI Standards of Practice.

Thank You

It sure is asinine if you are licensed to do so. To be held back from your own organization is ridiculous.

From the Home Inspector Licensing Law in the Statute:


(f) Perform or offer to perform any repairs to a home on which the inspector or the inspector’s company has prepared a home inspection report. This paragraph does not apply to a home warranty company that is affiliated with or retains a home inspector to perform repairs pursuant to a claim made under a home warranty contract.
(g) Inspect any property in which the inspector or the inspector’s company has any financial or transfer interest.

These rules only apply to professional home inspectors. Of course, if you were a contractor doing a non inspection inspection, then you would be exempt from professional home inspector ethics provisions.

Is a home inspection and a maintenance inspection or consultation the same thing?

“Home Inspection” is defined in the statute.

See below from the statute:

“Home inspection services” means a limited visual examination of the following readily accessible installed systems and components of a home: the structure, electrical system, HVAC system, roof covering, plumbing system, interior components, exterior components, and site conditions that affect the structure, for the purposes of providing a written professional opinion of the condition of the home.

I am not an attorney- but- the definition of home inspection services is currently narrowly defined in the statute.

You are not being held back by this organization. You are in total control. You have made a choice to abide by this association’s ethics provisions. You are the only on placing limitations upon yourself. Again, totally up to you.

No S H i t.

I do not even think the COE is B u l l s h i t for my own reasons. It is wrong for common sense reasons. It holds back some members from making all the money they can, LEGALLY.

I do not currently do remodeling or repairs.
I like New Construction.

The rule is c r a p and holds back many that could be making more money if for not that stupid bullcrap not even for the right reason rule.

It is c r a p because it hurts others and is WRONG. If you hold a license to do something no one should tell you that it is wrong and you cannot do it.

Thanks Steve

I guess when one door closes, another one opens

I hope it opens soon

You are free to leave.

Thanks I’ll be sure to remember your words of wisdom.

If you were to go to a restaurant, and it had a sign saying “no shoes, no shirt, no service” would that be their right to enforce that rule if you tried to enter without a shirt or shoes?
Of course, why? Because it is their business and they make the rules. The same with the association, they make the rules and if you want to be a member then you must obey the rules that they have made. Which you have told us you do, even though you disagree with them.
I am not trying to get on your case, but nobody forced you to join, or stay for that matter. You have decided to stay, probably because you feel they offer more that what the restrictions are worth.
The day the restrictions outweigh the advantages should be the day you leave.
Do I want you to leave? No, not really. We have our disagreements but that is normal. All I am saying I guess is, hey, if you don’t like it here find a place where you will be happy and can do what you want.

Look we agree.:smiley:
I agree with everything you said.

The only thing you forget is it is part “my” organization as a member.
The members made the rules as they are and the members myself included could change the rules I imagine “IF NICK WANTED TO LET THEM” Nick as the boss could just tell everyone to pound sand this org is not a democracy it is his.

I just voice my opinion on what I think is wrong and hope someday others see the wisdom and get a movement to change it. I do not think it will ever be changed but that will not keep me from telling folks how I feel it is wrong.

I really like this org and it has made me a much better inspector and is worth its cost many times over because of the educational materials alone. If that is not enough just look at the members benefit page. The only way I am going anywhere is if I get out of the biz.

I would love to find an honest high paying job I could do from home if possible but that seems incredibly unlikely unless I can come up with something to sell.

I think the profit is gone in the construction business for the separate trades and am considering and trying to get a job with any MAJOR Southeast Florida Home or Commercial Builder. I would not mind getting into Commercial construction. I think I would like to spend the rest of my working life working for a good company with benefits for me and my family. The only thing I would like more is to have things the way they used to be when I got whole s stucco projects based on service and quality that came with the Meeker name. Now it is only about the price with the major builders. They are much less concerned with quality and service if they can get the numbers they want.

How much mobility do you have? There is a 22 year old kid who has been going to yard sales, estate sales etc buying stuff and selling it online through craigslist, ebay etc. He made himself $120,000 last year. He worked it full time and worked hard but I think you could probably make yourself some money if you were somewhat mobile.

That is what is driving me nuts :frowning:

I cannot put ANY weight on the right foot.
Another surgery scheduled for Friday.
I have always been able to make my way but I have always been able to get there myself :frowning:

I cannot do anything without getting a ride from someone else.

I have spent all of my adult life basically working alone all day and or planing with my deceased father.

Now I cannot seem to do anything on my own.
It Sucks.
Someday"likely at least 2 more months" I will be back on my feet and able to hustle again :slight_smile:

Not exactly on topic, but anyone ever submit their own insurance inspection on their home? Seems a shame to pay someone to do my four-point…

It might get by, but any underwriter with a brain would catch it.

If you had a friend that had the qualifications needed they may sign off on a report you put together.

Not exactly ethical but if you are honest I would not see the "real " harm

Except for the fact that you would be lying on the form if you signed it and didnt complete the inspection

Yep but if it was an honest inspection performed like every other one you do then I see not real harm.
Sure so you are a liar but if you are not misleading or trying to screw them “I” personally would not feel like you were a jerk for doing so.

Some will have a problem with it. Some like me do not care as long as you are not screwing anyone or trying to get more than you deserve and then only you yourself will know if you were honest in regards to your findings or not.