Compressor unit

Have anyone being seeing much of these around. There is no name tag on this unit.

01-10-06 003 (Small).jpg

Old York or Borg Warner unit maybe.

These units are great for sucking up thoes leaves around the unit into the under side of the condensor coil. Then the a/c dosen’t work!

Hay i saw that unit in Fred Flintstones yard last year.

Oh no, THIS is the one you saw in Freds Yard!

P1010020 (Small).JPG

looks like a parts washer…:smiley:

If there are large yellow stenciled numbers on the compressor it’s a Lennox. They have discontinued stencilling numbers on the compressor on newer units.

If there is a large loop of 3/16th or 1/4 inch tubing someplace it is definitely an old Lennox.