Compromised Wall?

I saw this on an inspection today. It is partition wall in the basement. I was just wondering if you all agree that this looks to be a compromised structural partition wall?

All thoughts are greatly appreciated.



Judging by your picture it seems to be elevated off the floor, which would make it non structural. It is probably elevated because they get water in there every spring when snow starts to melt. Just my opinion from the pic you provided.

I’m having a hard time with the pic also. Is it elevated, or is there another plate under there? What’s with all the yellow spots? Time to clean the camera lens? Is it a loadbearing wall? How about another angle photo?

Looks like a floating wall, pretty typical in basement slab construction. Oatey(maybe) and simpson have some “shoes” that may fit that plate. Usually 16ga on a non bearing wall. If I remember correctly, the largest “shoe” to fit there is approx 2 3/8-1/2 for a 2" drain on a 2x4 wall.

To answer your question, it may need some hardware which is an item needing service, but not a structural defic. beyond the area directly around our plate, who forgot to wear his/her shoes to a plumbing party :slight_smile:

**edit -

Was curious so I looked, btw, a simple 16ga strap may work as well as providing nail/puncture protection. I’ve used 'em in CA on pony/wet walls…

Yep , looks like a typical floating wall , not structural /load bearing. It also appears that the other side has been drywalled. Is this side in an unfinished area, such as a utility / furnace room? If so, I wouldn’t worry about it. If it is going to be finished then yes, a strap will be needed to protect against damage to the drain line. They will need to leave access to the clean out also.

The other side is drywalled. A bathroom is the adjacent room. The picture was taken from the furnace utility room. The wall is a floating wall in the basement.

I appreciate all the comments. I definately agree that if they finish that room later that the cleanout needs to be accessible and some type of protection is needed for the pipe.

Thank you all again for the assistance.