Floating wall on top

Did my first inspection over the weekend. Went well overall. Question is on the floating wall. It was floated at the top instead of the bottom. This is a defect correct because if the floor were to move it would still move the drywall? I have always seen walls floated at the bottom. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks is advance for constructive criticism.

Hello Eric,

Not quite sure what you mean with your “floating” description?? There really isn’t a wide enough view to possibly SWAG at the purpose for the wall and the flue pipes are obstructing a key point.

Best guess from what is seen here is this is a basement finish out or partial finish out and the framing displayed is nothing more than a non load bearing partition wall. In the bottom left I see a steel column that leads me to believe the strucutral supports were already in place. The two newer pine members (horizontal with the vertical support between them) might have been put in place only as a nailer point for gypsum board or other purpose.

Do you have any wider out pictures?

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It is not a typical framing method but homeowners/carpenters must improvise to make room for existing mechanical roughing and electrical home-runs.
Hope you have more pictures available.


Some more pictures. Did find out this is acceptable.

If it were mine I would want blocking here.

Thanks for the input Roy.