Concord Furnace Age

I have not seen the concord brand before, does anyone know who built them, and possibly the age of these. AC serial # 8499f14043
Furnace serial # 8499C41294 would 1999 be the year of mfg?


Concord furnace is made in Ohio. It is part of Armstrong furnace which is owned by Lennox. The third and fourth digits indicate the year followed by a letter indicating the month.

So your guess of 1999 is absolutely correct. The letter C represents the month of March (which is not significant).

Thanks David!

The month definitely could be significant for warranties and home insurance. Many insurance companies here use 10 years at the cutoff point for insuring big-ticket items like the water heater and furnace, if someone bought a home in April 2009 and the furnace was manufactured in March 1999, no insurance without replacing the “old” furnace. There are a few companies who will simply charge a higher premium while letting you keep the old furnace.

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