Concrete Slab Foundation Erosion?

Hi Folks!

I am examining a home in the north Georgia area and have encountered a concrete slab foundation with some peculiar signs of erosion degradation. The overarching question would be: is this a structural concern or purely cosmetic?

The two story house was built in 2000 and appears to have suffered some inadequate drainage from the gutters at least in its early years. (Presently the drainage seems to have been addressed.)

Starting at the back of the house wrapping around and proceeding along the right side towards the front of the building there are signs of erosion (honeycombing or “spalling”) interspersed with long horizontal cracks.

The soil adjacent to the foundation is a characteristic brown clay which is loosely packed and wet (last heavy rainfall about a week ago). There are bits of “pebbles” from the concrete slab loose along the edges of the foundation that have come off the slab. See Photos.

Any ideas as to what the root cause of this pattern of erosion might be? Would it be considered a significant structural issue or merely cosmetic?

Thanks in advance for the feedback. Much appreciated!!


Not erosion, that happened when they poured it.

Pics would be helpful. It sounds as though you are describing honeycombing in the concrete. This can happen during placement if the concrete is not adequately vibrated.

Was poured that way. Simply poking it would tell you. Sign up as a member and resize those pics! Have a good day.

Definitely honeycombing but also looks like a cold joint.

Is the house slab on grade? Stem wall? Basement?


Looks like a cold joint, and the first pour was good, but the second was a hot load.