Condensate Line

Is there a purpose for the hole in this PVC condensate line (the one on the left in the photo) other than allowing conditioned air to escape? I’m thinking not but maybe someone can enlighten me. Thanks in advance.



It looks to be a drain vent for the condensate line

It’s a lame attempt at installing a clean out port. Typically the fitting is threaded and a capped so that you can easily remove it and blow out the lines if there is a blockage from slime buildup.

Thanks Scott!

I write something like this:

“P-Trap stand pipe on the primary condensate drain should be capped (nice cool conditioned air being lost within the attic). Some HVAC technicians will advise against it believing the cool air lost is insignificant (or only helps to condition the space within the attic). In reality the longer ‘run’ in the piping created when the cap is installed increases the pressure required to drive that air for the longer distance; less is therefore lost and is returned to the home as conditioned air via the registers. Recommend repair or replacement by a qualified person”
Note: certainly not a Licensed HVAC tech call out though…:shock:

Scott is correct. Very common to see around here. They dump bleach in it every so often to clean out the slime. If they get really fancy, they find the right size and put a cork in it!

The reason for the trap is being countered by the open pipe.
Save money and don’t use the trap. You won’t have to dump in bleach to clean the trap when there isn’t one.

Do it right, or don’t do it.

Another “everyone does it wrong the same way, making it right”!

You mean like this?

let me try that again,

cond trap w-vent.JPG

This arrangement is common in the hot south as well, for the very reason mentioned. Algae plug-ups are common in a hot attic. I do agree, however, that it should normally have a screw cap.