Condensate drain lines

Pan drain line connects to primary line and both empty into vent stack in attic. Also no vent on primary line. Vent should be installed after trap. Is there anything else here or is that about it. Should there be a secondary line or is the pan line enough?

I always recommend that the 2nd port be plumbed to the pan so that water won’t rise in the cabinet like an aquarium if the primary ever clogs.

Also, no cleanout.

The aux drain pan line needs to drain to a conspicuous point of disposal. Connecting it to the primary line defeats the purpose of adding it. You may not drill drain, waste or vent pipes to accept condensate drains. I don’t know about the vent after the trap

In Okla they do allow condensate to the vent stack if the furnace is 90% and produces condensate which prevents the trap from becoming dry in the heat season. I don’t know about other areas. Other wise ya pretty well got it

Very good Juan :D. CA also allows a 90% unit to drain to a vent stack, but an appropriate fitting would be required.

Thanks Jeff! I will have to check if they allow that here but I haven’t seen it done like that yet.

No furnace. House was heated by boiler. the ac was added later. so trap can go dry in winter, water would freeze anyway.

Thanks, sounds like a good suggestion.

It can rust the coil or in the worst case flow down a duct until the water finds a seam, then ruin the ceiling below.