Condensation Drain line question

Better in the garage than over the front door. Many homeowners rarely use their front door.

I agree with David if it is a secondary pan drain line , but not if its the primary.
Secondary should be noticed and usually above windows for AC units but i have seen
the drain lines not above windows that are for washer that is installed upstairs with drain pan.Just let the buyer know whats its purpose is .

I just ran into a situation where the secondary pvc drains on 2 units (in attic) have been merged into 1, when I entered this situation in my report, the seller contacted an HVAC co. to correct the drain. the tech. stated that there is nothing wrong with combining the 2 secondary drain together, when I posed the questions of how would you be able to tell from which unit the problem be (if primakry does not work correctly or has a problem), he told me that the secondary would work as intended. I would like to know if there is a code # that I can refer to (I have searched but to no avail).
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Vladimir “Vlad” PRimaky
Las Vegas, NV

The secondary does not need a trap either.
The pans of older styles are a major contributor to sickness do to build up of bacteria.

Wouldn’t running the secondary drain line through the garage ceiling violate the firewall separation??

Another problem is it breaches the fireresistant sheetrock ajoining a living space attic

What about fire wall breach? Did the pipe entering into the garage have a fire safe collar around it?