condensate dripping in air handler

I noticed my secondary condensate line was dripping in my house today so I climbed into the attic and noticed some water in the drip pan. I took the panel off to find water dripping from the fins on the coil. I am in AZ so humidity is low (around 10%) today. Coils didn’t appear dirty and I have not noticed this happening before…the a/c has been running all summer. I got about a 11-12 degree split so maybe I need a little more freon but I wouldn’t think it was low enough to cause the leaking.


If it is low on refrigerant ,there may be some ice forming around the coil. Can you view it?

main drain clogged?

LOL - you guys in the low humidity zones may not see what we in the deep south see all the time. Here condensate will drip off the coil any time the A/C is running. However, back to the original question, if there is water in the secondary pan, the main drain line is plugged. Pour a little clorex into the clean-out opening (it does have one - right?) then clean out with a bottle brush.

The main line had condensate dripping from it and so did the secondary line.

Sounds like you need to call an AC company

Well, that adds a couple of possibilities. Either the internal pan has a leak or the main line is partially plugged causing the internal pan to run over. Either way, there should never be any water in the auxiliary pan.

Condensate may be dripping from the main drain, however the drain may be restricted. If you have access to the main drain connect the hose of a wet/dry vacuum to the drain and tape it in place so that the vacuum doesn’t leak. Turn the vacuum on. This will normally clear most plugs.