Condensation line draining on the garage floor...question

What would be the write up…I need help with verbiage.


Are you serious!!! all I would say is get a bucket under it and empty every day, or fork up some money to get a pump and extend it to a drain. LOL

I need professional verbiage…

I’m with Kevin, I don’t see it being too much of a problem it’s in a garage. You might recommend that the condensation piping be plumbed to exterior or drain system.

Condensate from AC discharges onto Garage floor .
Condensate pump recommended to remove water to a drain .

Roy I was just going to post a half page narative just for fun. LOL

You guys are only worried about condensate?
What about it being not sealed off with a self closing door from the rest of the garage.?

I just answered the question .
I have no idea if it has the correct size feeds or is it the correct size or how old it is… I expect there could be other concerns too.

Thanks everybody…I got the verbiage I need.

Ya need a better pic what I see is the secondary drain draining on the floor as it should if the primary drain is stopped up. It appears to me the primary is going behind the furnace am I seeing this correctly. Did I say need better pic’s

Since when is a HVAC unit allowed in a garage?

You guys are only talking about the condensate line.
Am I in the twilight zone?

This is quite common to have HVAC unit in garages here in CA.
I inspect 40% in garages, 40% in attics and the last 10% in hallway closets


The 2006 edition of the IRC states the following concerning ducts that penetrate garage walls*and ceilings:

R309.1.1 Duct Penetration

Ducts in the garage and ducts penetrating the walls or ceilings separating the dwelling from the garage shall be constructed of a minimum No. 26 gauge (0.48 mm) steel sheet or other approved material, and shall have no openings in the garage.

Gas appliances are not allowed in residential garages, unless
the following conditions exist:

  1. The gas appliance is a direct vent heater intended to heat
    only the garage space and does not communicate its heated
    air to the rest of the building. The heater shall be installed so
    that all burner and ignition devices are greater than 18” above
    the garage floor. The heater shall also be located or protected
    so it is not subject to vehicular damage.2. A separate utility room is constructed in the garage with one
    means of access, and:
    a. The appliances shall be installed on a non-combustible
    surface and all burner and burner ignition devices are
    located 18” above the garage floor.
    b. The utility room shall be constructed with one hour
    fire-resistant walls and a one-hour fire-resistant ceiling.
    c. The entry door to the utility room shall be a 45-minute,
    Class C, self-closing, weather-stripped door.
    d. All air for combustion and dilution shall be taken from an
    area other than the garage in accordance with the NFGC.
  1. It is an auxiliary drain. It is supposed to be “conspicuous”! :slight_smile:

  2. It is an up flow, so air blows out, not sucked in.

  3. They can be in a garage as long as the duct is 26ga metal.

Let it go…

Hope it is taped well and 26 gauge then.
Interesting model with a single cover .
Not familiar with it.

Assume it is a mid with inducer.

Yes, I write them up every week.

I would recommend that the drain in question be removed and plugged.
There is no need for it.
The unit is in the garage and an aux. drain is not required. It will just drain all over the floor anyway if there is a problem…

That pipe blows air out of the house which means the house is sucking air back in from somewhere. If it’s the garage, it’s a problem.

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Does not communicate its heated
air to the rest of the building.
This is a bit confusing and deserves an explanation. I think David is right as long as both the return and supply do not communicate the heated air within the garage. No supply and no return is allowed to be in the garage but can pass through the garage if it is 26 gauge and sealed with fire stop.

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