condensation on outside of new double pane thermal windows

Hi, I installed new double pane thermal windows in my house.
Two of them, a picture window and a bay window occasionally get condensation on the outside covering the entire window. All the other windows don’t get any condensation.
What is causing this problem.
The company that installed them says it is normal and it just happens.

Sounds like you are in a warm area with high humidity out side and have the home real cool .
More information would help .
The window vacum seal could be gone also.

Quite simple!
Physics 101 dew point has been reached.

Warm Climate:

Exterior humidity has surpassed the clod glass temperature due to Inside air conditioning.
Try raising the inside temp a bit and you will see the exterior condensation lessen then go away. This is just raising the glass temp.

Cold climate:
Condensates on room side of pane, same concept…

Very true, I am sure thought he is questioning why it occurs only on the specific windows.
That may be as a result of location, size of the window, air circulation etc. But basically at the end of the day the installer has the best answer. Normal