Condensation or a Leak?

Hi Everyone,

Is this condensation or a leak?

New home 11th month home warranty inspection.
Roof recently patched in a valley one rafter over.
Drywall is very damp to wet below.
Weather: Rain sometimes heavy last 24 hrs.
Much mold growth in attic
No other area has these water beads.

One more thing why is this message there
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Thanks for your opinions and please give me a break this is my 1st post.



Based on the info and pics given, seems like condensation in that area.

“much mold growth in attic”

Everywhere in attic, or just in that spot?

The mold covers most of the attic more so towards the peak and is not concentrated in this area.

Look for a exhaust fan or a plumbing vent into the attic .
It could be hidden under the insulation .
Been there found it under the insulation .
Roy Cooke

No chance of it.

This is over a bedroom and th einsulation was pushed away to the wet sheetrock cieiling below. No vents were even near this spot.

Does this home have adequate soffit and ridge vents?

If it has soffit vents have they been blocked by insulation?

As you probably are aware both of these can also be a factor in a condensation problem.

Why was the roof repaired on such a new home ? Did the same person who roofed it originally do the repair and then make the same mistake ? More often than not , if the valley is leaking , it could be because the shingles were not back cut.

I know some one is going to say it’s not our job to find out why.
But I find that knowing why makes one a better inspector.