Roof and attic, thoughts and help, thank you

So today’s inspection I started on the roof and took this picture because the damp roof area seems to never dry out because it does not see possibly no sun and there is moss building up on the edge of the shingles but only in the damp area

So then when I did the attic inspection I found these damp areas on the roof sheathing under the damp area from above, the sheathing was just damp it was not saturated all the way through just the surface from what I found.

The roof had 5 roof vents installed and vented soffit, but no baffles. Does this seem as if I should just recommend baffles for air movement or does it seem to be more of a problem then that?

Greg, you should be, simply, reporting what you see and referring it out to a qualified roofer or qualified contractor.


The underside of the roof sheathing is damp and has mold or mildew starting to form on framing, I recommend a qualified contractor for corrections. Thanks Larry this is only about the 10th home inspection I have done for strangers, the rest have been a little more relaxed with family and friends.

Very good, Greg.

You are great, Larry thanks for the advice

No problem, Greg. :smile:

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Larry’s on the ball! :crazy_face:


Roof leak, observed water intrusion, or moisture if so inclined.

That brings me back to the point why I suggested baffles may possibly let the attic air out because the roof shingles are pretty straightforward and we’re sealed down very well I did not see how it could be a roof leak, But again like Larry said I’m not the one that needs to figure out how to fix it

Exactly. Say you did recommend baffles and that didn’t solve the problem. Then what? Think about it.


When I see blocked soffit vents I always recommend that they be cleared (by a qualified contractor) although I’ve never recommended that baffles be installed. How’s an inspector going to get into trouble over that?
Improving airflow/attic ventilation may not solve the problem but it would probably improve it. Basically you’re recommending the insulation be restored to a proper condition.


Hi Greg,

My comment would be something like: “Elevated moisture/dampness was observed on plywood sheathing in the attic. Recommend review by licensed professional for repairs/corrections as needed.”

My opinion regarding the baffles as a side-note, the baffles keep the existing soffit vents open and free from being blocked but the attic may need additional ventilation installed, so the baffles may assist the issue but are not likely to solve the lack of ventilation entirely.

Good luck.

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That’s completely different than recommending to install baffles for remedy to control damp/wet sheathing at interior of attic, unless you’re 100% sure that will solve the problem.

Well that’s certainly true, you certainly wouldn’t want to tell them that once they follow your recommendation their problem will be solved. Clear the ventilation path, and if that doesn’t solve, it go from there (not what I’d say in a report, lol).

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Yes I understood what Chris was saying

Looks like a ventilation problem judging by the pattern of the stained sheathing and the built up insulation at the soffit area. What type of vent openings did the soffit have? Typically, most homes I see have an insufficient amount/net free area of openings. Also, the static vents located on only one side of the roof may be playing a role depending on the prevailing wind for the area.

Well, that picture helps explain it, Greg!

Is there a bathroom close to that area and where does if vent? Perhaps at the soffit.

What climate zone are you in?
Soffit ventilation should allow at least 1" of free space at the attic soffits, which ever way they want to achieve it. The perforated vinyl soffit only allows 1.96 sq. inches of free air per lin. ft. in a triple 4 center vent, so that is only 3.92 sq. inches per lineal feet of soffit.
I also seen no ridge vent installed and can’t see if gable vents exist. Even if there are gable vents, the soffit vents are blocked and contribute to the moisture problem.
So you need to have a contractor review and repair.
No doubt in my mind there is a ventilation problem that needs further review.