Condo basement air intake

I’m an inspector in wi. But noticed in a basement of a condo unit in Illinois, these air intake 8" vents. Are these code in illinois basement condo units? And what are the purpose of these vents? 20160124_102756.jpg.


You are not providing enough info.
Required if it is the utility room to have combustion air or do they like C/O in Ws ?

Was this a closet in the bedroom with a sealed door ?

Open basement. Mid eff. Furnace. This condo unit has separate basements for each unit. This is not a finished basemt.

This is vented into an open basement. Utility room on main floor coming in from garage, on opposite side of house. Vented outside. No combustion air coming into utility room

It may be serving as an ERV however again need to be there to see it holistically .
The basement is then not a basement condo unit as stated but unfinished basement for a duplex ?

I note lack of insulation and wonder if the basement is heated as well.

They may have had a issue with high humidity see foundation repair ].This could also be a hookup from a past downdraft oven.Did they both units ] have this feature and which town ? Just curious.

This is in Naperville ill. All the condo units here have these air intakes in the basements. Some basements are finished some are not. I was just curious about this cold air coming into the basement. And is this a building code for condo’s in illinois. We here in wi dont do this here. Thank you.

No it is not code in Illinois and I never see them except on occasion in the burbs.

New code since last year is to have passive radon mitigation installed in all new construction so that could be a goofy way of doing it from before or as said above 1] downdraft oven,moisture mitigation for humidity.

It is nor common practice so maybe Naperville is just weird.

Was there last weekend and saw CPVC water supply pipe which is also weird in the area as it is not allowed near Chicago most places.


It appears to be a combustion air intake vent but could also serve as a fresh air intake as well.

Thank You all for your replys. Was a bit concerned because cold air just flowing into the basement.

If the basement is not closet sized close it off.