What is this for?

I know it is not from an exhaust fan - it is same new duct work as i saw near the furnace.

I don’t think it was incomplete job.

I am guessing it may be some kind of air intake for the new furnace that they put in the attic. Like a way to get take up air. A way to balance pressure in the home maybe?
does that make sense?
can anyone help me out here?

Need more info.
Is that the place with the range hood and stove in the finished basement?:slight_smile:

Seriously though,what type furnace?
Cat 4?

Was the utility room sealed?
Got pics from down there?

Update: I took a photo of the ductwork installers phone number and i’m going to call them to get the exact answer.

Yes Bob,
There is a stove and range hood in basement.
The furnace is not high efficiency, the furnace room is not sealed - no door , and I don’t have pics from down there.

I see it was part of the new ducting system, but what is the purpose?
maybe it is incomplete work?

Would it make sense to get make up air from an attic space? not to me!
ON SECOND THOUGHT,* if it is combustion air and being burned up, then it doesn’t matter if there is insulation dust in it, However, maybe over a long period of time that maybe leave some kinda residue in furnace?

Starting to lean towards it being a combustion air source- makes more sense because in winter, the attic should be as cold as outdoors, and as long as roof is ventilated well its all good.

The combustion air doesn’t go directly into the furnace. It’s just a raceway for fresh air to enter into the room that the furnace is in. It won’t be ‘burned’ up. So if indeed it is for combustion, it will be pulling cold air and debris from the attic into an open room. Was there a register/grill up on the wall inside the room?


No,it would not be needed.
It appears to be at the back of the living room opposite the fireplace.

Were all those vents working?
Anyway it would be a good idea to call, lacking info.

Whatever it is, it was powerful enough to suck in all the collar ties, except for one.:shock:

funny… :slight_smile:

Around here it’s typical to pull fresh air from the attic when a gas burning appliance (i.e. gas dryer) is installed on the floor below the attic.

Check for vents (they look like hvac return vents (high and low)) in the room with the combustion appliance.

Well, i had to write it up as a HVAC tech to evaluate.

Jeff, the room was really open and there were vents through the inner walls too. (btw, i owe you one )

I tried to call the duct specialist company that installed but all techs were on site.