Condo Furnace Combustion Air

Just inspected a condo with a room off of the hallway that houses a high efficiency furnace and hot water heater. The doors to the room I am calling a Mechanical room are solid, no louvres. There are 2 registers/grills in the room on the wall one at floor level and one close to ceiling. I am assuming this is for combustion air but I can’t verify as they are behind the unit and I don’t have access. I am concerned about adequate air make up with solid doors. BTW, the unit discharge vent pipe looks like it goes straight up to the roof. The air intake is a short piece of PVC off of the unit (not to outside).

Any comments are appreciated.

It’s a water heater. Who cares about the solid doors - that’s just one way, not the only way. The grills are very likely to be the sources. The high and low is the best way.

make up air.jpg

From your description, it sounds as though there is a provision for combustion air. One high, one low.