Combustion air and safe condition

I had an inspection with a gas furnace,water heater located in the closet of a laundry room. The closet door was ventilated for combustion air in to the laundry room. The laundry room has a gas dryer. The laundry room has combustion air ducting going outside for the gas dryer,furnace and water heater. The part I am concerned with is the laundry room leads into a bedroom. The door from the laundry room to the bedroom is solid. I know you can not have a furnace, water heater located within a bedroom, but what about a laundry room that leads into a bedroom with all these appliances?

Thanks for any help

The appliances are not in the bedroom.
There is makeup air.
Did you determine BTU input of all appliances and compare it with the makeup air capacity? 1 in.² per 4000 BTUs per hour vertical, 1 in.² per 2000 BTUs per hour horizontal.
Recommended a carbon monoxide detector in the bedroom.