Condominiums & Water Heaters

Looking for Canadian Plumbing Code reference for, water heater in Condominiums require a pan and plumbing receptor.
Thanks in advance.

no code required & most know a full-on flooding failure will not be contained by pan & receptor
advise floodstop installation
as you like to say kiss

Morning, Mr. Adiar. Hope to find you and yours well and in good spirits.

From what I have been told, repeatedly by several licensed OACIQ real estate brokers, in Quebec a receptor, or floor drain of some fashion, is required in buildings consisting or 5 or more residential units, considered a Commercial Building in Quebec. That’s why I asked.

I see floor receptors all new and recent condominiums. I was hoping for the code cycle.

In reality. Many water heaters, at some point in time, will leak during there shelf life. Henceforth the water heater pan. Be it the TPRV, Upper or lower heating element gasket or drain spigot, failure may likely occur over time.
The water heater pan will catch so much water eventually overflowing, and continuing to over flow, until the water is stopped flooding units below.

I have access to Quebec’s 2016 plumbing code on-line but it’s been about 2 years sense I have accessed my account. I will try to provide the regulation when I have time. Until then, hopefully some one will answer this question.

Thanks Barry.