confirming Neutral/Ground bond when bond is in the meter

Here in Mexico, most of the houses are surrounded by boundary walls, so electric meters are installed in the side of the wall facing the street so it can be read without anyone entering the property. The service grounding electrode is at the base of the meter and the neutral/ground bond (main bonding jumper) is inside the meter (Neutro/Tierra conexión). That is OK. The problem is, without removing the meter, you can’t see the bond like you can when the bond is inside a main service panel like it is in the US.

Is there any way—short of removing the meter—of confirming that the nuetral and ground actually are bonded? What about applyng low-voltage current at the grounding electrode and checking the neutral for identical voltage?

There would would be no easy way to know. You could ohm the ground wire going to the rod and the neutral the panel. If the resistance is under a few ohms its safe to say both are connected.

You should have near zero ohms between the neutral and the metallic meter enclosure if it’s properly bonded.