Is the there a 'bonding' screw that I don't see.


Here’s the pic…


If this is a sub panel (there would be a main disconnect next to the meter) then the grounding busbar to the left which is connected to the panel enclosure completes the bonding.

The picture shows a properly wired sub panel.

It’s the main. The disconnect is outside next to the meter…


No, it is not the main. The main disconnect is outside. The panel is treated as a sub. This is why it is fed with a 4-wire feeder. Notice how the grounds and neutrals are separate and there are separate ground and neutral conductors?
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Just figured that out *after *I looked at my first reply.
Thanks for clearing my head…

When there is a disconnect next to the meter that one is the main disconnect. The interior panel is a subpanel even though there is a diconnect in that panel. These subpanels are wired so the neutrals are floating and the bare grounding wires are on a seperate busbar attached to the enclosure. Be aware of this. If there is a disconnect next to the meter then that is the main disconnect and that neutral needs to be bonded to the panel.

It is so firemen can easily shut off the power without having to hunt for the panel in the house.

There is service equipment. . .

**Service Equipment. **The necessary equipment, usually consisting of a circuit breaker(s) or switch(es) and fuse(s) and their accessories, connected to the load end of service conductors to a building or other structure, or an otherwise designated area, and intended to constitute the main control and cutoff of the supply.

and there is load-side equipment (everything else after the service equipment).

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Although having the main outside may be intended for the fire department to have quick access to shut down power, if that were my home I’d be tempted to throw a padlock on it. Too much potential for juvenile mischief…