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Paul Sabados 4

Tom Travis 1,2

Michael Klassen 1,2,3,4

Joe Thompson 1,2,3,4

Ken Mickinley 1,2,3,4

Dennis Dowell 1,2,3,4

Jason Crandall 1,2,3,4

Ted Ford 1,2,3,4

Keith Elliot 1,2,3,4

Joe Flora 1,2,3,4

Barney Bredson 1,2,3,4

Ted Bredson 1,2,3,4

Roy Keowen 1,2,3,4

Patrick Carter 1,2,3,4

Attendees ? Non Nachi members Classes Attended

Randy Sipe 1,2,3,4
Mark Schulte 1,2,3,4
Gilbert Bolander 1,2,3,4
Jerry Loyd 1,2,3,4
John Clason 1,2,3,4
John Miller 1,2,3,4
Stephen Bauer 1,2,3,4
James Smith 1,2,3,4
Dean Silvey 1,2,3,4

tremendous result, congratulations to all involved and especially those who planned th event, Over 100 hours of CE credits.

don't forget to post these to the education log

This is what local chapter should be aspiring to.



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And from what I hear. The classes where top notch.

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