My names Jeff McClure, a new member, and I have just a few questions about the NACHI. First the 24 hours of continuing educations seems like it’s going to be somewhat of a task to accomplish any suggestions? Second are there any members in the Kansas City Area that would want to mentor? Third is there a Kansas Convention any time or even close to kansas. Fourth is there a Kansas city chapter.
Thanks for any help you can give.


  1. Plenty of opportunity for on line training. Probably close to 100 different sessions to choose from

  2. Mentoring, should have no problem in getting some local assistance. Getting ride alongs might be a different story. You may have to travel some for that

  3. Kansas Convention?

  4. Yes we have a KC Chapter. I am working on putting a meeting together right now. Jason the last chapter president was deployed overseas and will be gone for awhile. There’s a ton of stuff to go over, including the last attempts for licensing in Mo. & Ks. the waring factions (orgs) the marketplace. I was attempting to put together a two event to make up for lost time last winter. You can pm me if you want



Check out http://www.nachi.org/inspectionexcellence.htm Plenty of opportunity educationally.

A Kansas Convention??? Hm. :smiley:

Also, just heard from Gerry Beaumont, Russ Myers, Paul Abernathy and Chris Morrell… they are releasing a gorgeous online Electrical Course on Tuesday. Open and free to all NACHI members to take at their own pace, as often as they wish, all from the comfort of their own home.

Thanks Nick for the help
You said a 100 different online class?
Where exactly are they and any free ones for the credit I need?

Jeff, Paul (howyadoon?), remember that I’m available - free - for NACHI Chapter meetings; holler at me (ChapterSupport@nachi.org).
Also, Doug will bring Pro-Lab Mold Certification courses out- $75 for 8 CEUs & it includes room fee & lunch.

I’d love to come back out to KC!