Congratulations USA

PEEEP! Full-time: USA 3-1 Australia

And that’s it. USA are deserved winners in the end. Australia came out fighting, and it took two world class saves from Solo to keep her side in the game. But as time went on, Rapinoe began to stamp her authority on the game, and Australia didn’t have a similar talent to match her. The US also look much, much better when they pass it short and control the game. Although annoyingly for my analysis two of their goals came from long balls.
Australia can be hopeful of getting out of the group though, with De Vanna and Van Egmond both dangerous, and the group’s most dangerous team out of the way.

Who cares.
Go Blackhawks *

When they play football in Australia and you are watching the game in the USA, do you have to turn your screen upside-down, or do you stand on your head to watch the game?