Hockey is Canada's game

I think we proved this today!:smiley:

Congratulations on the gold for Canada.

You sure were silent when USA gave you a beating earlier this week. :slight_smile:

They where only taken it easy to lure the usa in . Danm Canada lol
Both teams played hard and deserve the best.
Bob blame it on Health care

Obama’s fault…has to be

The USA team played extremely well too! I was thrilled to see both North American teams prove it is “our” game. I was glad to see them too - eh!

That game really could have gone either way. Certainly a real nail biter…

Whose skate did the winning goal carom off of?

The losss earlier to USA I think worked to our advantage giving our players more time to get used too each other.

Canadians tend to try and not Gloat .
I had both the Canadian and USA Channels and was very impressed with how the Announcers from both Countries gave a very balanced report of the Game .
Glad the hockey did not go any longer then it Did ,I do not think my heart could have lasted much more.
This I think will go down in History as the best Hockey ever played .
It is too bad it could not end in a Tie .
Thanks to all players for the FANTASTIC Game the great Olympics .
I understand our Souther Buddies did not have the TV Coverage we did in Canada I could get about 8 chanels and had a hard time trying to watch 4 different Programs at the same time

Congrats Canada!!!

It was a great game.

I know USA and Canada are close in the Gold metal category,but watch out for Germany.

So happens I am covered .(Canadian and German background.):slight_smile:

Congrats Canada on your Gold. It was a fabulous game. I’m proud of our guys too, everyone played extremely well.

HMM Canada won the most gold. good for them

A great game. I remember when every Saturday night featured hockey of this caliber, before the expansion of the NHL.

And what celebration in Canada would be complete without giant dancing inflated beavers??! :smiley: :smiley: :shock:

LOL George the dancing inflatable beavers were a nice touch. Where or where is someone with a sharp nail when you need one. I also like the Mounties new uniform ( mini Skirts) Now what crime lord would not surrender to that.