Congressional Shooter Was a Home Inspector

Law enforcement officials identify James T. Hodgkinson as shooter at congressional ballgame practice](

Not a current member

This is why we have CMIs go through background checks.

This sign was in his yard, HI license expired, not a member of any association I can find.

Every real estate agent needs to know whom they recommend for a home inspector to their clients. I have long advocated for every real estate agent to recommend a Certified Master Inspector.

Why they do not…

CMI’s background check would have prevented this guy from using his ASHI credentials to steal:

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S as in S

Post his report or you are only ASSUMING

Just posted on Facebook…

Background checks are fine, but do not stop all crimes. Everyone, no matter how bad, committed their first crime at some point.

Arkansas does a background check on all home inspectors.

I just received an email with the same statement.

Well worth repeating and emphasizing!! Background checks can only catch the ones that have been caught, have a recorded past, and that record is available such as this person in the news report. There are plenty of people who never had records, lead normal lives, and then snapped before they did their thing.

uh oh ~ SERIOUSLY!
Keep an eye on “WAFI-3
I would NOT be surprised…,

Both of these ASHI members had long criminal histories. Background checks would have worked to keep both of them out of our profession. Just sayin’.


Which one of his prior alleged offensives would have stopped you from taking his money to be a CMI?

Some would not, but some would have. We only care about violent crimes. Both of these ASHI members had criminal records that included violent crimes.

I see you can’t prove your claim. :frowning:

Dozens of stories about this recent wacko having a violent criminal past. Previous mug shots and everything.

As for the other ASHI member Michael, read 5th paragraph down:

You’ll note that the police said he was already “ON PROBATION.”

Nicky, you failed to prove your claim. Fess up and move on.

Its obvious you jumped the shark.

A mug shot is not evidence of a violent crime.

He was also mentally challenged (slow) and that was public information.