CONNECTICUT and NY reciprocity

I was told by the department of consumer protection for CT they didnt come to an agreement yet with NY for home inspection lic. I sent in all my paper work in with my NY lic to CT. Anybody have ideas about this. thanks Dennis Melandro.:roll:

After the licensing process is completed for all of the existing Home Inspectors, the state will address the issue of repriciocity. Currently if you send in an application to NY Dept of State, and are licensed in another state, the DOS will look at that states requirements for licensing and if they feel it is equivalent or better they will issue you a license. This will be on a case by case basis. This is how they will handle it untill they have a formal repriciosity procedure.

Dan Osborn
Upstate Home Inspection Service

thanks DAN

Let me amend my last post…

I just had a conversation with DOS and as an afterthought I mentioned reprocity… I learned something new… For the time being, untill there is an established reprocity relationship with another state in place… NY will license you in NY with your out of state inspections… So, the rules of Grandfathering apply to out of state inspectors…

You fill out the DOS - Home Inspector application, fufill the requirements, and put your 100 or 250 out of state inspections on the application and you will get approved… in other words it does not matter that the inspections were out of state…

Apparently NY does not care where the house is that you inspect… But, all the other requirements for out of staters do apply…


I’m confused - Dennis, are you an NY licensed inspector looking to be licensed in CT? OR coming from CT looking to be licensed in NY?

Joe, I am lic in NY and trying to get lic in CT. CT consumer protect board is telling me they need an agreement with NY first so CT inspectors can go to NY and get grandfathered in. NY requires insurance CT doesn’t. CT requires 100 Inspections 10 supervised and 90 inspections to be looked over by a lic inspector this is call there interm program and during this time they give you a permit to insprct houses. CT board is having a meeting feb. 2 and a board member told me they would bring this issue up at the meeting, if anybody hears anything let us know. Thanks Dennis Melandro:roll:


How did you make out with getting your license in CT? These are some of the threads that should be followed up on.


rickey CT. had a meeting on feb 2 and they replyed to me and wanted to know what method i used to be grandfather in with i told them method 1, they are having a special meeting on march 2 to address this issue. i want to find out what ct home inspectors needed to get grandfathered in with.:mrgreen:


You will be a stepping stone for the process. Don’t you love being in the middle of the progress. You are a pilgrim in the Home Inspectors field. Maybe some day in the process of all these state licensing, NACHI can be excepted by all the states. Then there could be a National Certification for Home Inspectors and we could get certified in all states.
Example of this is as in my education, I have a certification to teach Fire Science on a National Level. That would be a great level for us to strive for.


Any update on New York and CT licensing agreements?

Can a NY Inspector become licensed in CT with NY Inspections?

Can a CT Inspector become licensed in NY with CT Inspections?

Are new exams in eah state required or is CT or NY accepted each others state exam?

bill CT is having a special on march 2 to determine what they are going to except, I sent in all my paper work in with my NY lic. I will let you know what happens after there meeting. I want to find out how CT home inspectors got grandfatheed in what did they need. Right now in CT to become an inspector yoy need a lic CT home inspector for a sponsor to do 10 on site inspection with you and to look over the next 90 inspection then tou get your CT lic and there is a cost, the sponsor wants 14,000.00 to take you as a intern for the 100 inspection that you have to get on your own. Can you beleive this.